Vacation Home Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Temecula Vacation Rentals was formed to fill the need for a reasonably priced property management company with a focus on customer experience and property occupancy. We are driven to deliver a superior experience to our guests and to allow homeowners a stress free experience when it comes to guest bookings, maintenance, housekeeping and cash-flow. Please contact us at 951-ESCAPE for additional information.

Management Services
  • Property Assessment
  • Vacation Rental Preparation
  • Establish Market and Seasonal Rental Rates
  • Incorporate Property onto our Marketing sites
  • Active and Timely Pursuit of Leads and Inquires
  • Execution of Rental Agreements
  • Collection and Administration of Deposits, Rents, and Fees
  • Facilitation of Check-in and Check-out Procedures
  • Enforcement of Rental Rules and Regulations
  • Resolution of any Tenant Issues
  • Ensure that the Property is Maintained to High Standards
  • Provide Owners Access to our Maintenance Providers at our cost
  • Provide 24/7 Service for Tenants and Property
  • Conduct Inspections and Inventory upon Check-out
  • Ensure Thorough Cleaning in Preparation of Upcoming Arrivals
  • Quality Assurance Spot Checks
  • Provide Detailed Bookkeeping
  • Provide Owner Access to Reservation System and Availability Calendar
  • Deposit or Wire Transfer all Net Income to Owners Account

  • Additional Services

    Additional services include Design, Furnishing, Landscaping, Marketing, Absentee Owner Services, etc. are available. Whatever your needs, it's likely we can accommodate them. Costs vary by job and property. Please contact a representative for detailed quotes.

    We invite you to take advantage of one of our complimentary property evaluations. We'll provide you with a detailed analysis of projected income, amenity and inventory requirements.